For patients suffering with chronic back pain, relief often requires around-the-clock medication. Oral pain medications can provide effective chronic back pain relief, but can cause unwanted side effects.

In these cases, or when more powerful chronic back pain relief is necessary, Dr. Mocek can implant a spinal pain pump that delivers pain medication directly to the painful spinal nerves. Because spine pain pumps deliver medicine to the source of your chronic back pain, relief is profound.

Chronic Back Pain Relief with Fewer Side Effects

Since the medication is delivered right where it’s needed, spine pain pumps can use much lower doses. This can drastically reduce side effects like drowsiness, nausea, and constipation.

Because they are pre-programmed to administer medication automatically, spine pain pumps also keep you from missing doses or accidentally overdosing.


Advantages of a Pain Pump for Back Pain

  • Chronic back pain relief without the constant need for pills and capsules
  • Constant and programmable back pain relief
  • Fewer side effects from medication administered by a spinal pain pump
  • Ability to use special pain medications that cannot be taken orally
  • Long battery life (can last for years)

Spine pain pumps can offer much-needed chronic back pain relief, free you from bottles of pills and capsules, and may even work better than oral pain medication.


Request an appointment so Dr. Mocek can find the right chronic back pain treatment for you, whether it’s a pain pump for back main or other minimally-invasive treatment options.

A surgically implanted spinal cord stimulator is used to exert electrical pulses on the spinal cord to provide relief from chronic back pain. This can actually scramble the pain impulses so your brain doesn’t register them as pain.

Less Invasive than Advanced Spine Surgery

Dr. Mocek performs spinal stimulator surgery as a simple and minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Unlike open back advanced spine surgery, only a small incision is needed for the spinal cord stimulation implant.

After the spinal cord stimulator surgery, Dr. Mocek will show you how and when to use the stimulator at home. You will activate th4e stimulating electrical pulses using a remote control, which creates a tingling feeling instead of the pain you’re used to.



Advantages of Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal stimulator surgery is less invasive than other advanced spine surgery options, which means recovery time is minimized. The spinal cord stimulation implant also reduces the need for pain medications, and the electric pulses offer on-demand pain relief.

Request an appointment to talk with Dr. Mocek about spinal stimulator surgery and how it can treat your chronic back pain.

One of the SCS therapies available is Nevro HF10 Therapy.