Back Pain Treatment Options

New Advancements in Back Pain Treatment Solutions

In past years, the option of back pain surgery was only relegated to those patients with severe, crippling pain. The procedure was invasive, requiring surgeons to saw through ligaments and muscles before reaching the injured area. Then, herniated and ruptured discs had to be physically removed from the area and in some cases, discs would have to be fused together with screws and wires.

On top of this physical toll, the surgery carried other risks. In addition to general anesthesia and post-operative complications, there was the chance of losing nerve function and the weakening of certain back muscles.

The minimally invasive back pain treatments offered by Dr. Mocek make these worries a thing of the past. By simply using a needle or making a small incision, the affected area can be easily reached and treated. This simple treatment makes the use of general anesthesia unnecessary. Instead, Dr. Mocek employs gentle conscious sedation techniques, which reduce the risk of nerve damage and increase overall safety.

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Minimally Invasive Back Pain Treatment Options

Cortisone treatments are just one of several minimally invasive back pain treatments employed by Dr. Mocek. Cortisone injections act just like an anti-inflammatory. When applied to the affected area, the cortisone reduces swelling and inflammation, which then in turn reduces pain. When applied correctly, these fast acting treatments can take effect in just a few days.

Other minimally invasive back injury treatments and techniques offered by Dr. Mocek include:

Implant Techniques: Designed to relegate and control back pain

Collapsed Vertebrae/Compression Fracture: A kyphoplasty procedure can be used to treat these diagnoses

Percutaneous Disc Decompression: A minimally invasive one stitch procedure

Using only a needle, Dr. Mocek uses minimally invasive back pain treatments, like the Percutaneous Disc Decompression, to treat patients with painful disc problems. In addition, advancements in medical technology have brought one-stitch arthroscopic treatments to the forefront of back pain treatment options.

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