Please keep sending kind & respectful people our way. We still have one more position open for an additional full time medical assistant. We also have one additional full time clinic RN, one additional part time lab tech, & one additional full time APN still to fill!

We listened! Due to many patient requests we have now added cranberry juice as a drink option post procedure!

Doctor Mocek & his three APN’s will be teaching not one, not two, but eleven resident doctors this year on the safe & proper prescribing of controlled medications for pain management!

New pain pump with intermittent self administered on demand dosing!

Doctor Mocek participated & finished his first triathlon since he was 25 years old! The event was held at Hot Springs Village beautiful Lake Balboa. He did the triathlon...

Our new bright & friendly Advanced Practice Nurse: Mrs. Dana Houston sporting her new lab coat with our official Mocek Spine logo!