More & more of our patients with pain pumps are opting to give up the low dose short acting oral pain meds for breakthrough pain. They are switching to the PTM bolus device on the pump that can be activated. Patients are reporting back to us that the PTM on the pump now often works much better than the current low dose of oral opiates available by mouth.

There is a clear link now proven between movement of our spines that results in marked increased nutrition & stimulation of our brains! This is why even regular water therapy is a very important exercise for our bodies. People who exercise regularly have a much lower chance of one day having Alzheimer’s!

Chris Mocek, MD

A true life of determination & discipline; with restoration back to a sport she loves!

At The Mocek Spine Clinic, our last scheduled opiod dosage drop for safety will be on September 1, 2018. By this fall, all of our patients, (except those with end of life care), will be @ a max of 50 MORPHINE EQUIVALENT DOSE (MME) or less.

The Mocek Spine Clinic makes a bold move this year to the use of only low dose opiates for pain relief!

Doctor Mocek received advanced medical training for the treatment of invasive cancer pain while he was @ the Johns Hopkins Hospital as a fellow. In conjunction with CARTI, he is now using this training to help cancer patients have less pain & a better quality of life!

The Mocek Spine Clinic Family Day Summer 2018 is now in the record books after lots of water slides & roller coasters!

The long-term goal is to reduce the number of prescriptions in the state and these adopted guidelines will give doctors a clear picture of what is an appropriate amount to prescribe.

The Arkansas Medical Board this month has defined an excessive dose of opiods prescribed for chronic pain to be above 50 morphine equivalent dose.