MILD stands for minimally invasive lumbar decompression. The MILD procedure is an outpatient procedure to relieve spinal pressure from lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). It is an FDA-approved treatment to provide patients with long-term pain relief. 

The Process

When a patient comes in for a MILD procedure, they’re placed under sedation. Once the patient is sedated, the doctor makes an 8 mm incision, approximately one centimeter. The doctor then uses a sculpting tool to widen the spinal canal. The widening of the spinal canal reduces the compression of nerve roots to decrease pain and improve a patient’s physical functionality and mobility after recovery. There are no implants and the spine remains intact, leading to a fast recovery time for most patients. 

The Benefits of MILD Procedure

Compared to other LSS treatments, complication risks for MILD are extremely low. Epidural steroid injections also have a low risk of complications; however, the results are temporary, whereas MILD results are long-lasting. 

Other long-lasting treatments for LSS include spacer implants and open surgeries, such as laminotomies and laminectomies. These options have moderately higher complication risks and a longer recovery time. 

When to Consider MILD Procedure

The MILD procedure is best for people suffering from mild to severe LSS symptoms such as pain, numbness, or tingling in the lower back or legs. Most doctors recommend the MILD procedure as an early treatment option when non-surgical avenues such as physical therapy and pain medication do not provide the desired results. 

MILD Procedure at Mocek Spine

If you live with moderate or severe lumbar spinal stenosis pain, you may be a candidate for a MILD procedure. We offer advanced spine care solutions through patient-centered care. Our purpose is to provide compassionate care designed to allow you to live your life in the least amount of pain possible. To learn more, you can make an appointment at our clinic or give us a call at 501.224.4001.