There's a lot to consider when choosing a medical care provider. Every doctor or specialist you research is going to have credentials and experience. But what sets clinics like Mocek Spine Clinic apart from our competition is how our patients perceive us. Our past and current clients are our biggest advocates, and we trust them to be honest about how we work and the care they receive. 

We Treat Clients with Respect and Dignity

We promise to treat everyone with respect and dignity and work alongside them to provide the best possible care no matter who you are. It brings us joy and pride when we receive feedback like Tracy B., letting us know how much our patients appreciate what we do. 

"I'm young compared to most patients here, but I'm still treated like I'm the only patient they have. The front desk knows you when you walk in, even after just a few visits. There is rarely a wait when you have your monthly visits, and they encourage you to choose an assistant to work with regularly that you prefer. I drive an hour each way every month, but the atmosphere here is tough to find, and I would be scared to try to find it somewhere else," says Tracy.

We Help Patients Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

Feeling nervous about spinal care is normal, especially when experiencing high pain. At Mocek, we work with each patient to ensure they're comfortable and relaxed going into their treatments. We're glad clients like Terri felt welcomed and at ease with everyone, from the office staff to Dr. Mocek himself. 

"I moved here from Florida and was nervous about finding a good pain management team. Everyone at Mocek Spine is so nice and very professional. I was nervous about my procedure, but Dr. Mocek and his team helped me relax, and I never felt any pain. If you are unsure who to go to, try Mocek Spine. I can walk pain-free because of them. Even the front desk ladies are very nice. I have never been mistreated at this place. They deserve more than five stars," says Terri. 

We Get Results

One of the most common questions people ask is will their treatment ease their pain. While every case is different, our patients are happy with their treatment results more often than not, and we're glad to receive such kind feedback from individuals such as Robin, Karen, and Savannah.

"Mocek Spine cares about their patients and truly tries to get a person's chronic pain levels down so a person can have a much better quality of life. I have had a decrease in my pain level by 75%. My quality of life has greatly improved since I began to see Dr. Mocek less than three months ago," says Robin. 

"Dr. Mocek and his staff are compassionate, all about getting maximum relief from your particular pain issue, and extremely knowledgeable! He doesn't leave you on the side where you can't feel life but can experience life again," says Karen. 

"Dr. Mocek is working so well on dealing with my husband's back pain! Our four children and I can now do all the activities we love with him," says Savannah.

To learn more about Mocek Spine Clinic, you can make an appointment at our clinic or call us at 501.224.4001.