People in extreme pain are looking for the most efficient and effective pain relief methods, one of which we at Mocek Spine try to educate our clients about is target drug delivery. This type of pain relief is not best for everyone, so it’s essential to learn what it is and if you’re a good candidate before seeking it as a treatment.  

What is Targeted Drug Delivery?

Target drug delivery is a pain relief therapy in which a doctor administers medication to a patient in increasing concentration to target pain relief in a specific body part. It’s often preferred instead of oral drug delivery in intense pain situations because it allows for the medication to go directly to the affected area. 


Targeted drug delivery is also an excellent option for individuals receiving drug treatments that may damage healthy tissue, such as in cancer therapies. The targeted drug delivery ensures the drugs only attack cancer cells, preventing the damage of healthy cells.  

Who Should Receive Targeted Drug Delivery?

Doctors primarily recommend targeted drug delivery to patients with cancer. This type of treatment helps reduce pain and controls the development and spread of cancer cells. However, targeted drug delivery may not work for everyone with cancer. Cancer cells can develop a resistance to medications. 

Targeted Drug Delivery at Mocek Spine

Mocek Spine is one of the few clinics in Arkansas that provides targeted drug delivery. We use it as a last resort option for potentially profound pain relief. Our delivery model of medical excellence combined with compassionate care is a true lifeline for patients battling difficult and painful conditions like failed back surgery syndrome and cancer-related pain. 


If you want to learn more about targeted drug delivery or other pain relief options Mocek Spine provides, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.